Attending Sunday afternoon’s installment of the San Francisco International Hip Hop Dance Fest, I walked out of the Palace of Fine Arts with: (1) The biggest smile I’d had on my face since election day; (2) Major regrets that I hadn’t attended the 17 previous years of the festival....The audience was rapt. Kids were squealing with delight; adults feeling the beat pondered their own backs, shoulders and hips.

Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle


Crazy high energy abounds whenever the San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest takes to the stage

– SF Chronicle


These days, hip-hop dance has secured a spot on the proscenium, and no one has done more to elevate the art form than Micaya

– San Jose Mercury News


Genre-stretching revelations and a nonstop beat are guaranteed.

– SF Chronicle




Dance crews from all over the world came with breath taking skills and blew the crowd away. The dance performances were so well thought out and executed that they told clear, touching, stories...This isn’t your typical abstract, interpretive dancing, it’s dope modern beats, athleticism, heart, and very ‘now’.

Alex Mak, Broke-Ass Stuart



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The San Francisco International Hip Hop DanceFest (SFIHHDF) is the first-ever festival to honor the artistry of hip hop dance in a non-competitive environment. In one spectacular weekend, SFIHHDF presents groundbreaking performances from dance companies from all over the globe.