• ODC (map)
  • 351 Shotwell Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94110
  • United States


Class Fee: $20.00

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BirdGang dance company will be teaching an excerpt from one of their latest work, The NETWORK. Participants will explore how hip-hop and house based movements have been used to develop concepts and themes within the piece.

London based BirdGang Dance Company is a Hip-Hop based dance company of multi-faceted artists who stimulate audiences through movement, with their clever use of music, film and lighting design.

The company’s work is both intense and extremely visually conceptual. Creating a world as vast and intriguing as the subconscious mind is fast becoming a hallmark of their work. BirdGang’s goals are not just to entertain but also to explore social issues through dance. The target audience is universal, both young and mature, with performances created to cater for any clientele’s needs.