Friday, November 17 8:00 PM

Sunday, November 19 2:00 PM

Kids freestyle circle onstage after the matinee performance only

*subject to change

  • Medea Sirkas (San Francisco, CA) “Rise of the Robots”

  • Loyalty Dance Team  (Nashville, TN) “Suicide Squad”

  • Nasty Ray (Bay Area) “Guardian of Hip Hop”

  • New Style Motherlode (Oakland, CA) “Polka Dots”

  • Ghetto Funk Collective (Amsterdam) “Africano”

  • ScRach MarcS (Singapore) “Outer Ego”

  • The Tribe (Bay Area) “The BassHead'z Tribe”

  • Iron Skulls Co (Barcelona, Spain) “Sinestesia”

  • BirdGang Dance Company (London, UK)  “The Network”

  • Reggie TapMan Myers (Philadelphia) “Realness of Speech”

  • Sound of Soul (Mexico City) “Hey Pachuco”


Saturday, November 18 8:00 PM

Sunday, November 19 7:00 PM

VIP/Performer Party (21+) in lobby after the Saturday show - $15 pay at door

*subject to change

  • Loyalty Dance Team (Nashville, TN) “101 Dalmations”

  • HIStory Dance Co. (Houston,TX) “American Me”

  • Epic Footprint (Redwood City, CA) “Back II Life”

  • Ghetto Funk Collective (Amsterdam) “Fela Tribute” 

  • ScRach MarcS (Singapore ) “Connection”

  • Loose Change (San Francisco, CA) “Lotus”

  • Iron Skulls Co (Barcelona, Spain) “KINTSUGI”

  • Kujo (Los Angeles, CA) “The Small Change of Silence”

  • Sound of Soul (Mexico City) “The Tribe”

  • The Nasty Kidz (Denver, CO) “DNA”

  • SoulForce Dance Company (San Francisco, CA) “Strings”